The sun has emerged, school kids are running wild in the streets, and you can hear “The Entertainer” blaring from the ice cream trucks that patrol the streets all day long; it must be summer.

During the summer months, while everyone’s out enjoying the beautiful weather, it may be hard to keep consumers concerned about your products and services, but I have some tips that will help keep the attention on your advertising.

It’s Graduation Time!



School’s out, and millions of teens and young adults are celebrating their graduation! One way to reach out to consumers is to acknowledge the end of the school year and promote your products and services as a way to help celebrate. Whether it be a company that can provide a graduation present, or food service that provides catering for a graduation party, most businesses can be spun to function as a means of celebration! Even if your business doesn’t provide the products and services that are needed during graduation time, you can still attract consumers by showing support to the students graduating in your community. Hashtagging the names of local high schools and colleges in your posts can show your support and also help to reach out to the community around you if you want to target a specific demographic.

Take a Risk!

Citrus - Work - Macbook -Iphone - Coffee

Not having much luck driving traffic to your website? Well, it’s time to think outside the box and get risky. Summer can be a good time for change, so why not change the way you are reaching out to your consumers? You can start posting more often, but the posts can be more than just advertisements or posts related to your business. You can turn your twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts into an outlet that people look to for interesting information just by posting blogs, articles, or even pictures than anyone can relate to. This will cause an increase in followers, which in turn will drive more traffic to your website.

Visuals That Catch The Eye

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Did you know that using visuals in your post makes it 94% more likely to get shared? This statistic alone should make you want to attach visuals to every post you publish! Whether it be blasting your instagram followers with posts galore every day, attaching appealing images to all of your tweets, or getting bold and making a statement with your facebook cover photo, you can easily attract a bigger following by using some sort of visual. People enjoy looking at photographs and Infographics because they make information more interesting and pleasing to look at. Think about it; Would you rather read a blog post that only contained one solid black block of text, or a blog post with stunning and colorful photos wrapped throughout the text? I pick the post with the visuals every time!

Now, when you are writing your social media content, you can use these three tips to publish the perfect post. Separately, these tips can give you an upper leg with consumers, but if you find ways to combine these three tips, your following will be sure to drastically increase. Change is good, so why stay the same? Go use these tips and watch the your website traffic skyrocket!