Category: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Bloggers

Our Main Squeeze: Julia Kowalczyk The Beard & Broad


Our second blogger highlight goes out to a woman whose blog makes our bellies rumble and mouth water. She’s got beer, food, travel, and animals. What more can you want out of life? Julia Kowalcyzk is one half of the blog duo behind The Beard & Broad. Julia and her husband Ben, the beard, document … Continued

Our Main Squeeze: Alicia Hansen Writing and Yoga


There are so many fantastic, inspiring, amazing, strong female entrepreneurs in Cleveland. We are getting a head-start on a 2019 goal: to shine a spotlight on incredible women who we absolutely LOVE.  The social climate is shifting and female partnerships and friendships are becoming not just necessary, but also fruitful and FUN. In that spirit, we … Continued