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LIVE-n Up Your Social Media


Looking for a way to give your business’ social media a refresh? Why not try using a live streaming feature, such as Facebook Live or live videos through Instagram Stories?   These newer additions to the Facebook and Instagram platforms have become popular ways of engaging followers. In fact, Facebook and Instagram will even notify … Continued

Unknown Social Media Hints to Help Your Business


Whether you are a millennial, born in the digital age, or a baby-boomer business owner, there’s always something new to learn about social media and digital marketing. Social media is an ever-changing game that has new capabilities and features released practically daily. There is no way to keep up with everything – no matter how tech … Continued

Cats are Marketing Legends


What cats can teach us about digital marketing There’s an ongoing saga of dog people vs. cat people, but be honest: Have you ever watched an online cat video and not enjoyed it? Regardless of where we lie with our love of these feline friends, cats are cool. Yes, super cool and the Internet agrees … Continued