Growing Your Social Media Garden


Despite the fact that it just refuses to warm up outside, it IS spring, which is the perfect time to do some gardening. We don’t just mean in your yard, though. Spring is a great time to focus on your social media garden, too!

Weed the Garden

Start by unfollowing any spam or bot accounts you might be following or any accounts that are no longer posting information that is relevant for your business or, worse, may be posting controversial or troll-like content.

While you may drop initially in number of followers, you’ll attract a higher quality of new followers if you weed out these junk accounts.

If your business’ social media profile hasn’t been updated recently, this is a great time to do that. Post a new profile picture, make sure all your business information (such as hours, contact information, etc.) is accurate, and add any relevant new information to your biographical section.

Plant Some Seeds

Go through your friends, family, and business acquaintances that might not already be following your social media pages and invite them to follow you (or re-invite, as invitations can often get lost in the social media shuffle).

Start following some new businesses or influencers who are a good fit for your brand’s profile. Accounts pop up all the time and it can be easy to miss ones that would be good follows for your business. Take some time in your social media spring cleaning to follow these folks.

These small actions plant the seeds to grow your online presence with new followers and better engagement.

Water the Flowers

As always, make sure you’re engaging with your followers by posting regularly, asking questions, and responding to comments. But since you’re trying to make your social media garden grow, try something new too! Host an online giveaway, post a live video (click here for some tips), or even expand to new platform.

These simple tips will help get your social media garden blooming with lots of fresh flowers for spring! And, as always, for help with all things social media, feel free to reach out to the crew at Citrus Social, too!