If your business isn’t getting as much attention as you would like it to, or if you’re just looking for ways to increase the diversity of your social media following, adding a blog to your website may be the answer. Blogging is becoming an extremely popular way of marketing, and it positions your business as a leader in its field. It may seem difficult to maintain, but there are simple ways to make blogging a monthly or even weekly addition to your marketing routine. 

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This is Lovable Traffic

Your website probably already has a great deal of information on it, but it isn’t constantly being updated. If you add a blog to your website, the content of your site will be constantly changing, which in turn adds more pages and content to your site. This helps drive traffic to your website because it increases the chances for a page of your site to show up on a search engine when a keyword that could be found in one of your blogs is searched. In addition to that, it gives your business something to share on social media, that drives traffic to your website rather than a different source. Chances are, your site will be clicked because the consumer believes they have found what they are searching for. This will cause them to go to your site, see what services you offer, and now you have successfully driven them to the content you want them to see.

Share The Knowledge!


Blogging is also a great way to increase your presence on social media. When you post a blog to your site, you can connect your social media accounts so your blog is sent out via those mediums as well. When this happens, you have made your content shareable. After a consumer has clicked your blog, read it, or even just skimmed it, they have a high chance of sharing it with their friends. If they click that magic “share” button, your content will be shot out to hundreds, if not thousands, of new people. This is a very effective way to highly increases the amount of traffic and leads that your website receives.

Building a Reliable Following

When you have a blog on your website, it is easy to connect with your leads and customers. When you are constantly creating content that helps answer the questions of your consumers, they will look to you as a figure of authority. If a consumer finds the answer to their question in one of your blog posts, you know that they are more likely to use your services because they already feel as if they can trust your organization. Also, if a consumer has been reading your blog posts regularly, they already have knowledge of your company, what you provide, and the overall personality of the company. This makes the sales process easier because they already know about the company, product, and what they specifically want from you.

Blogging is a great way to reach out to a diverse demographic that you would not have reached before.

The constant flow of new information helps show consumers that your company is up to date and reliable. Adding a blog to your website could be the factor that turns your business around, so why not give it a chance?