How we Painted Cleveland Red on Wear Red Day


We’ve told you before about the power of marketing through bloggers and social media influencers, especially for non-profit organizations. That power was on full display recently at the Cleveland American Heart Association‘s Go Red for Women luncheon.


Citrus Social selected a powerhouse group of female bloggers to help promote the event and post from the luncheon while attending. Before the event, we worked with these talented ladies to pick topics that best suited their personal blog. A couple bloggers even got to partner with national Go Red for Women sponsors, Macy’s and CVS, to pick out fabulous red items to celebrate the day!

Check out our Cleveland American Heart Association bloggers and the special posts they crafted for Heart Month and Wear Red Day:

Glam Karen

The Wardrobe Consultant

Always Alicia

Why CLE?

According to Brittney

Greatest Escapist

Workout Wanderers

She in the CLE


Aside from promoting the Go Red for Women luncheon and sharing their personal stories and unique takes on heart health, these bloggers also shared photos and impressions during the luncheon itself. These influencers did such an incredible job that “#ClevelandGoesRed” was trending #1 on Twitter that day!



Citrus Social was also able to distribute “Cleveland Has Heart” t-shirts made by Fresh Brewed Tees to local reporters, bloggers, and other notable people around town, encouraging them to post pictures with the shirt. 

To see photos of the shirt and the event in action. don’t miss the #ClevelandGoesRed tag on instagram, which has accumulated 120+ instagram posts since we began engaging bloggers in the event in late January. 

A sampling of instagram posts dedicated to #ClevelandGoesRed

We cannot thank The Cleveland American Heart Association enough for allowing our team to be a part of this powerful event and movement. Gina Henke, Communications Director, American Heart Association – Cleveland Area says:

We’ve received nothing but wonderful feedback about how social media contributed to the success of Go Red this year! 

All of this attention and trending and likes and shares contributed to raising awareness not only of the Go Red for Women luncheon, but also of the Cleveland American Heart Association’s mission and the importance of going red for women’s heart health. And that’s some time on social media we can all feel good about!

If you’re thinking about adding this kind of blogger power to your cause, Citrus Social can help you select a group of local influencers suited to your cause and help them through the process of effectively sharing the message.