LIVE-n Up Your Social Media


Looking for a way to give your business’ social media a refresh? Why not try using a live streaming feature, such as Facebook Live or live videos through Instagram Stories?


These newer additions to the Facebook and Instagram platforms have become popular ways of engaging followers. In fact, Facebook and Instagram will even notify your followers when you’re streaming a live video, so that they can engage with you in real time.

Wondering when you should use Facebook Live or a live video on Instagram stories? Here are some great times to utilize this technology:

When you have a special announcement

If you’re revealing a special upcoming event, a big sale, or important new information about your business, a live-streaming video can be a great way to do it. It gives you more space to explain the announcement, plus gives you a chance to engage with your audience in an almost face-to-face format. Your followers can even ask questions or leave comments in real time, allowing you to address any concerns or queries immediately.

When you want to give a behind-the-scenes peek

Using live streaming platforms can be a great way to show your followers things they might not usually see. Did you just get in a new shipment? Are you making a new batch of product? Are you creating something special for an event? People love the chance to peek behind the curtain and a live video lets them do just that, with you still maintaining control.

During an event

Having an event? Go live! Your followers who aren’t able to attend can feel like they’re there (and maybe see what they’re missing, so they don’t miss it the next time). Special events are a time to shine anyway, so let everyone see what’s going on.

When you want to get personal

As we mentioned, during live videos on Facebook and Instagram, your followers can ask you questions in real time. This can be a great way to introduce a new team member or just let your followers get to know you a bit better.

When you want to give regular updates

If you have a progressive project, like a remodeling of a store or a fundraiser, using live videos can be a fun way to daily update your followers on the progress being made on your end goal. Not only will people know what the progress is, they’ll feel more invested in the result too!

Facebook Live and Instagram live video are already built into the platforms you’re using, so why not take advantage of their ability to connect with and engage your followers? Try it today!