Local Gift Guide: Girl Boss Edition


Are you looking to be a gifting queen this holiday season? We’re here to help you find one of a kind gifts for the holidays! You’re sure to spoil your friends and family at these local girl boss shops elevating your gift giving skills to the next level. In this blog we have highlighted five ‘Cleveland Girl Bosses’ who have unique inventories, and a passion for running their own businesses.

Luster Gifts

Looking for eclectic stand out gifts? Lustergifts is sure to have it all! From whimsical gifts for your girlfriends, to clever ideas for someone special, they have you covered. According to owners Tamar and Robin, “The spirit of Luster was formed to provide other working women and mothers with a place to cover all their gift purchasing needs.” So no matter whom you’re shopping for, Lustergifts will provide you with something meaningful.

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When it comes to celebrating in a boozy fashion D’Marie has been a standout company since 2000. The owner, Dianna Seufer, has made D’ Marie well known for their signature cocktail, ‘Frappe Vino,’ an all-natural frozen cocktail fusion mix, bringing a refreshing twist to any celebration. This is a fun ‘adults only’ gift that can be paired with one of their cute drink tumblers and Tuscan Triangle snacks. Your favorite foodies or work squad are sure to love D’Marie products this season.

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Grey Opal Studio

Grey Opal Studio is a newly launched online jewelry shop, created by longtime owner of Sweet and Simple Cookies, Annemarie Azzarello. These hand made jewels stand out against the rest adding shine and glamour to any look. We all want to see our hardworking mothers and girlfriends glow, and this jewelry is guaranteed to make them feel like a star. While you’re spoiling everyone with Grey Opal jewelry, treat yourself to a delicious Sweet and Simple cookie, or make them a sweet addition to your holiday parties!

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Swell Skin

When it comes to ‘less is more’, Swell Skin is the answer to your skincare needs. The company was founded on the notion that, “just two products manage 95% of your skincare needs,” and this stands true today. Swell Skin is high quality natural skin care that is well suited for your budget. The owner, Kelli Klus, wishes to help people achieve their best skin ever by using her products. Tis’ the season to give people the gift of beautiful skin!

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The Style Foundry

If you’re searching for a contemporary approach to gifting, check out The Style Foundry. Owner, Megan Moran, helps busy business professionals take the stress out of getting dressed. She offers a 3 Step Styling Process, Corporate Dress Code Workshops and mobile boutique. This is a great gift for anyone looking to freshen up his or her wardrobes. Help the people in your life reach their full style potential with this unique gift!

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We’re lucky to have so many great female owned shops in Cleveland to support. Make sure to get your holiday shopping done locally, because it is so special. You are supporting your community and helping it thrive and develop. While gifts from large corporations can save you a few bucks, local gifts are sure to shine through to your loved ones.

We hope this gift guide will assist you in becoming a true gifting queen.