Lunch + Learn: Blogging Basics by Jessa Hochman


So…we presented about blogging, and now we’re blogging about presenting.

On Thursday, November 17th,  our founder/owner Jessa Hochman presented at LaunchHouse on blogging basics. LaunchHouse is a business incubator located in Highland Heights. The host Lunch + Learns at their interactive space to help those within their community learn about varying topics. LaunchHouse asked Jessa to come in and present about blogging and sharable content. Jessa jumped at the opportunity to share some helpful blogging tips.

photo cred :: Nick Borelli

Here are the big takeaways from Jessa’s presentation:

Pages & Posts

Websites act as your brand or company’s digital sales tool. They reflect a digital reinterpretation of your brand and your offerings. When websites are traditionally developed, developers create a sitemap which maps out your website’s pages.



Pages are your website’s skeleton. Pages are static organizational tools that structure your site in a thoughtful way so that it can stand on its own.  




Posts, or “blogs”, represent the muscle of your website. Website developers often build a blogging element into the website design, but very rarely are the dots connected between developing a website and teaching a business owner to blog effectively.

While pages are your site’s skeleton, posts/blogs strengthen your site from a sales, customer service, marketing and SEO standpoint.

What You Need To Get Started

1. Develop a blog (if you don’t have a website)

This is where things can get technical. At Citrus Social, we work with an amazing web developer that helps us with all of our technical needs. It’s not an exciting part of building a blog, but necessary to pay attention to if you’re just getting started.

2. Make sure your website is awesome

Driving traffic to an unfinished or unpolished website is like having a grand opening event at a restaurant that isn’t fully up-and-running yet.

3. Find your voice

Think about picking 2-3 of these adjectives below and then stick to them. They will guide your voice and tone throughout your writing.


4. Develop clickable blog topics

See below for great blog topics ideas.

Blog Topics Inspiration

1. FAQs

This is the absolute #1 place to start. We believe that the main function of blogging is customer service. In today’s digital age, people don’t want to pick up the phone and call you if they have a question. They want to easily find the answer online. If they can’t find the answer, they will move on to a resource that can.

Example: Our client, C-Auto Glass, had an FAQs section on their page. We took their FAQs and turned each one into a blog. It boosts their SEO and overall digital presence.

The King Group Blog
The King Group Blog

2. Expert advice

It can be hard to position yourself as an expert in the industry. But, consumers want to trust that you are well versed in your field. Your blog needs to prove that you are the right fit for the consumer’s needs.


What is the difference? Learn here!

3. Seasonal tips

Having seasonal and evergreen content on your blog proves that your website is current and that your products have different, seasonal applications.

Seasonal content is exactly as it sounds, linked to the season. Seasonal content is great because you can use it year after year during that season. You just have to go through the content to make sure it is all still relevant, update any necessary information, and post away.

Evergreen content can be repurposed over and over again. Buzzfeed, for example, uses one piece of content 25 ways with 25 different headlines. Work goes into blogging, so you should make sure to get the most out of every post.

Spring Showers piece from The Cleveland Plus Guest Blog
Spring Showers piece from The Cleveland Plus Guest Blog

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4. Entertainment

The number one reason why people use social media is for entertainment, if your content isn’t entertaining, it may not stand out on social media.

Entertainment posts should always fit within the theme of your brand identity.


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5. Hot Topics

Is your regional team in the world series? Is a hashtag trending? Without trying too hard, engage with your audience about what matters to them using your brand’s voice.

#ProTip: Don’t do the Mannequin Challenge just because everyone else is. But if you sell mannequins, you probably should.


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Now, Add Some Zest

Here are simple ways to boost your blog and truly make it standout online:

  • Stunning imagery
  • Add headlines, quotes, and cross-links
  • Infographics where they make sense
  • Be at the top of your grammar game
Need a grammar refresh? Check out ‘The Craziest, Most Unbelievable, Grammar Rules, EVER’.

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