Organic Values Keep Citrus Grounded



Back when I didn’t work for myself, I worked with plenty of incredible people who taught me so much. I have learned the importance of investing in comprehensive company values as a business owner because it undoubtedly helps employees, vendors and even clients realize where a business owner’s heart and brain meet.

Values represent a company’s fundamental beliefs. These beliefs drive everything a company does. One of my mentors advised me:

When you make all of your biggest business decisions: hiring, firing, taking on new business, letting go of business, etc. the choice should ultimately link to a core value.

As I said, company values don’t just help a business owner identify which big decisions to make, they really help employees work better autonomously. In situations where I am unavailable to employees, they’ll intrinsically know how to tackle tough decisions if they make it with a value in mind.

Without further ado, below we introduce our super fresh Citrusy Company Values.



Of all of our values, perhaps resilience is the most personal to me. I have a something inside of me that detests a defeatist’s attitude. Here at Citrus, it’s ok if something terrible happens, to spend exactly one work day sulking. Our philosophy is that we wake up every morning and move forward from whatever got us down yesterday. There are some people who celebrate struggle and negativity, we are not those people.


To us, respect transcends how someone treats their boss or their clients. It has to be embedded so much in a company culture that every employee respects each other. If you’ve ever worked in an environment that does not embrace mutual respect, you know how toxic it can be. To me, not respecting your fellow employees is the same as not respecting your boss, whose decision it was to hire that person. It’s important that we as a company internally treat each other with the same respect and customer service as we do our clients. When you perfect the practice, the workplace becomes a lovely place to be.


It’s my opinion that the highest form of customer service is to deliver your clients with the results they desire. It doesn’t matter how you do something or how many hours it takes as long as we get results. While I don’t love the idiom, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat,” it perfectly describes our core value and how we approach it. This value devalues micro-managing and forcing employees to focus so much on “how” something is done and reinvest their time in the “why.” If someone understands what results need to be accomplished, it’s amazing to see their creativity take over and come up with hundreds of ideas about how we can reach those results. If we only focus on the pre-determined how we are going to reach the results, then employees become order-takers, not marketers. Rather than telling each other what to do, we talk about what we want to accomplish, we bring tons of ideas to the table and ultimately overwhelm out clients with amazing results. It’s pretty awesome.


As a company, we are no strangers to hard work. We are equally no strangers to tons of fun. Our Rosé value is not just a fun alliteration, it represents our dedication to celebrating victories and embracing the best life has to offer. Even if Rosé makes us basic AF. Now, when are we getting a rosé emoji?