Our Main Squeeze: Alicia Hansen Writing and Yoga


There are so many fantastic, inspiring, amazing, strong female entrepreneurs in Cleveland. We are getting a head-start on a 2019 goal: to shine a spotlight on incredible women who we absolutely LOVE. 

The social climate is shifting and female partnerships and friendships are becoming not just necessary, but also fruitful and FUN. In that spirit, we have decided to highlight local female bloggers and spread the love of sisterhood.  We wanted to give this inaugural honor to someone who has been there for us and with us since the very beginning.

Here’s why we think you should know about blogger and friend, Alicia Hansen

She’s the essence of a modern woman who works a traditional job, has multiple side hustles, all while being a dedicated mom and supportive friend. When Alicia’s not working at her marketing job (another company we love – L’Nique Linen), she’s teaching yoga, writing about all things Cleveland, and leaving us inspired every step of the way. Her blog gives locals pride in their city and out-of-towners pinning to plan a visit. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Alicia since before Citrus started and we couldn’t think of a kinder person to kick-off our “Main Squeeze” series with.


Take it from our owner, Jessa Hochman:

“Alicia and I have been connected for years! From working on foodie events to collaborating with our Cleveland Plus Guest Blog, to working with our client, the American Heart Association., Alicia always delivers incredible and thoughtful work.  Most recently, she and I joined forces for an event she planned with GrooveRyde, The Van Aken District, and Luster, a Gift Boutique, where Alicia not only organized the whole event, but she also put an incredible group together AND taught a yoga class all in one night!  Alicia is a creative event partner, writer, and friend who shares the same values and results- driven dedication that we like to showcase in our work. I know when I get the chance to work with Alicia, that she always puts way more effort into nearly everything – always- than you ask for or expect. She comes at everything from the absolute purest perspective. Wow – that was long-winded! But, we simply love working with Alicia!” 

Alicia and Jessa at Alicia’s CLE Connects event with GrooveRyde at The Van Aken District

After reading some highlights about Alicia, pop over to her blog to see all the things that we love about this blogger.

Down to Basics 


Name: Alicia Hansen (@aliciamhansen)

Where were you born? Parma, Ohio

Full-time marketing director/event professional, part-time yoga teacher.

My hobbies include spending time with my family, teaching and practicing yoga, working out, discovering new music (Spotify Premium is worth every penny!) and spending time outdoors – usually hiking or biking.

Random Fact About You:
I performed with the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus in high school and sang solos on the main stage of Severance Hall. 


Blog Work 


Tell Us About Your Blog: 

I started my blog, back then called Poise in Parma, in 2009 after losing more than 150 pounds over the course of seven years. It was meant to be a weight loss maintenance blog, so I told the story of how I kept off the weight while still living a full, vibrant life. Now in 2018, it’s morphed over time into aliciamhansen.com,  a Cleveland lifestyle blog celebrating all of Northeast Ohio. I share topics like my upcoming yoga events, tales from my adventures with my husband and daughter, cool happenings around town and some general inspiration as it comes to me!

Were You Apprehensive to Start Your Blog? 

Yes! I actually started a blog on Blogger.com in 2008. I wrote one post and thought it was horrible so I deleted it and the entire blog immediately!

What Are Your Goals Moving Forward? 

Consistency. I have a personal goal of publishing one post a week, but I’ve gotten away to the regularity and I miss it — and my readers have told me they do too!

Are There Any Topics That Are Off Limits for You? 

Any topic that isn’t authentically easy for me to write about. If I get a gut feeling that it’s not the right fit, it’s a no-go. Luckily I haven’t come across that yet!

Getting Local 

Alicia and Jessa at The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Luncheon with lots of other local ladies and friends


What are Some Things You Wish More People Knew About Cleveland? 
There is ALWAYS something to do. There’s always an event to attend, a new restaurant to eat at, a new show to see, a new person to meet. I’ve said for a long time — if you don’t have anything to do, you’re not looking hard enough.

Do You Have a Favorite Local Café You Like to Write At?  

My hyperlocal choice is Babe’s Café and Bakery in Independence. It’s on the scenic way to our Valley View location of L’Nique Specialty Linen Rentals and so I’ve been known to grab one of their phenomenal iced coffees most weekday mornings. (They use coffee to make their ice cubes instead of water — it’s a game changer!) When I’m working at our downtown showroom, I sneak over to Phoenix Coffee on East 9th for some of their brew and fine atmosphere.

What are Some Local Boutiques and Shops You Can’t Live Without? 

A quick list! Banyan Tree, Room Service, GV Artwork, OcéanneSalty not Sweet Boutique — just to name a quick few!

Describe Cleveland in Five Words:   

We work hard, play harder.