Our Main Squeeze: Brittny Pierre: Pierre into My Life


We love to highlight native Cleveland talent. But there is a whole world out there filled with talented women. While she is not a Cleveland native, blogger, Brittny Pierre has a love and appreciation for our great city.

A native of New York, Brittny’s writing has been published on multiple sites like Hello Giggles and The Village Voice. Her blog, Pierre into My Life, covers a range of lifestyle topics and she has a love of reality tv that is shared with Citrus Social founder, Jessa Hochman.

Meet Brittny and
become addicted
to her outlook on
all things pop culture.

Down to Basics

Name: Brittny Pierre

Where were you born? Bronx, New York

Occupation: Writer

Hobbies: Killer karaoke nights, Dancing to good pop music, traveling, and wandering around museums. 

Random Fact About You: I still know the entire dance to “Oops, I Did It Again” and “Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears. 

Blog Work

Tell Us About Your Blog: It’s a lifestyle blog with a pop culture angle. I share music recommendations, funny anecdotes on popular cultural moments and what I’m doing with my life. 

Were You Apprehensive to Start Your Blog? Absolutely. I’ve been holding off creating my blog for years and it wasn’t until I had a breakthrough in my life that I decided it was time to create the blog.

What Are Your Goals Moving Forward? I would like to reach a bigger audience but honestly, my biggest goals are to create good content, for readers to enjoy the articles, and maybe find a good song while they’re browsing. 

Are There Any Topics That Are Off Limits for You? Politics. 

How do you know our founder, Jessa Hochman? We have become close friends through our mutual love for Real Housewives and all things Bravo.

Getting Local

What are Some Things You Wish More People Knew About Cleveland? The sense of community in Cleveland. Really, when you meet the right people, they quickly become family. 

Do You Have a Favorite Local Café You Like to Write At? Pour and Dewey’s Coffee House

What are Some Local Boutiques and Shops You Can’t Live Without? Evie Lou, Blush Boutique, and Banyan Tree

Describe Cleveland in 5 words: Gem, loyalty, grit, sporty, and pierogies.