Our Main Squeeze: Julia Kowalczyk The Beard & Broad


Our second blogger highlight goes out to a woman whose blog makes our bellies rumble and mouth water. She’s got beer, food, travel, and animals. What more can you want out of life? Julia Kowalcyzk is one half of the blog duo behind The Beard & Broad. Julia and her husband Ben, the beard, document their love of food, beer, travel and each other. While many posts are dedicated to travel, their love of Cleveland is at the forefront of their writings. Local brews and eateries are consistently highlighted and give a true sense of the eclectic place we call home.

Jessa adds, “Julia is not just so good, but she’s also SO KIND.” I love the brilliant angle of her and Ben’s blog. How she’s good: I think it’s so important for bloggers to find their unique perspective and Julia and Ben’s collaboration sets them apart and also it PERFECT for the Cleveland Market. How she’s kind: As a friend, Julia became someone I was immediately comfortable texting for advice and opinions on lots of different topics. She’s loyal, just, and fun! Her love for animals, wine and Bravo is the icing on top of a totally rad friendship.”

Sit back, grab a brew and get to know Julia!

Down to Basics

Name: Julia Kowalczyk

Where were you born? Cleveland, Ohio

Occupation: I’m a full-time attorney. My practice is primarily focused on probate, estate planning and real estate but I also do (a lot of) court appointed work in Juvenile Court and I’m a Guardian ad Litem. 

Hobbies:  My hobbies include cooking (mostly Hungarian food), reading, watching Bravo and TLC, and spending time with my husband Ben, our four cats and corgi!

Random Fact About You: I’m an only child!

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Blog Work

Tell Us About Your Blog: Ben and I started the blog almost exactly four years ago. We were on an extensive beer vacation in San Diego and got to thinking: Any time we’re in a new city (or at least a place we don’t live or haven’t been to), we seek out the local beer and food. We then wanted to share these adventures with our friends. So I had the idea that instead of flooding all of our Facebook friends’ feeds, we should have a blog where we chronicle our journeys.  Over the years it’s evolved from us discussing craft beer to talking all things Cleveland, food, travel and lots of other topics. 

Were You Apprehensive to Start Your Blog? Yes! I thought people would think a couple running a blog together would be the cheesiest thing ever. I also thought that maybe working on the blog with Ben would cause occasionally squabbles between us but honestly it’s brought us closer together (corny I know!)

What Are Your Goals Moving Forward? Consistency! I want to post on a VERY regular basis. What most people don’t know is that Ben and I work on the posts together. So nothing goes live until we both have had a chance to edit it and add our thoughts to the post. Our work and life schedules can prevent us from devoting the right amount of time to posting consistently so I definitely want to focus most on this. 

Are There Any Topics That Are Off Limits for You? Honestly, if a topic doesn’t fit into our lifestyle and we can’t be authentic or “real” about it then we won’t go near it. 

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Getting Local

Have you worked with Citrus Social before, or founder, Jessa Hochman? Yes! Ben and I had the awesome opportunity to work with a few of Citrus Social clients including the Glass Asylum and Swings N Things. I also had the chance this year to get to know Jessa and we’ve really bonded over all things Cleveland and Bravo 🙂

What are Some Things You Wish More People Knew About Cleveland? I wish people would spend more time checking out Cleveland’s “gems”, you know, the local watering-holes that have been around for years or old the greasy-spoon diners. It seems that people are so focused on the brand new places opening up that they forget about the classics that have been about Cleveland for years! 

Do You Have a Favorite Local Café You Like to Write At? I’m really lucky that where I live in Lakewood we have some many awesome cafes I could pop into to get some work done. I have a few favorites: Blackbird Baking Company, their savory pastries and coffee are just amazing. I also love working at Nature’s Oasis because they have the best smoothies and pizza bagels! 

What are Some Local Boutiques and Shops You Can’t Live Without? Shore Society, GV Artwork, Océanne, Fount, Cuyahoga Collective.

Describe Cleveland in 5 words:Welcoming. Unassuming. Collaborative. Prideful. Delicious.