Social Media Resolutions for a Fresh 2018


As we get ready to ring in 2018, it’s the time to make resolutions. You might have some personal ones you’d like to make, but it’s also a great time to make some resolutions for your business’ social media pages as well.



Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions:

Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog and Social Media Platforms

An editorial calendar is a great place to start in terms of organizing content, synchronizing your message, and managing your resources. Think about what product launches, sales, and events you have coming up and schedule blog posts and social media campaigns accordingly.

If you haven’t tried an editorial calendar before, now is a great time to start! And if you already have one, take a look at what’s working in terms of content and frequency of posting and consider making adjustments.

Try a New Way to Utilize Your Existing Social Media Platforms

You may already have a robust social media presence with a great base of followers. Rather than trying to build a new base of followers on a different platform, try using the platforms you’re already on in a new way.

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are two hot ways to share content and engage the followers you already have in a unique way. Videos, contests, and live chats are all accessible on these forums and will get you trending in no time!

Engage with Your Followers

While content is king, there’s more to a successful social media strategy than just posting great content. In the new year, make a resolution to engage more with your followers.

Respond to comments, ask questions, and find out what your followers are thinking. Social media is meant to be a conversation, so make it one!

Keep it Fresh

Keep your photos, blog posts, and online content current (the editorial calendar helps a lot with this). Change your pictures seasonally or when you have an event or new product to promote. Post on your blog regularly. And if you need help, remember that nothing is fresher than Citrus!