The Business Boosting Power of Bloggers


You’re looking to promote your new business, new product, or upcoming event. Maybe you’ve heard about blogger or influencer outreach, but aren’t sure where to or even if you should start…

Using bloggers or other social media influencers help increase your brand awareness, by exposing your business to a new crop of social media users. Influencers have a large following, with whom they have gained credibility. So, using them to promote your product, business, or event gives you credibility with a large, new base of people. Blogger outreach also helps your SEO, because these posts will appear in “organic” rather than paid search results.

Bloggers and social media influencers can be a tremendous boost in your outreach to promote a business, product, or event. Citrus Social is well-versed in conducting blogger outreach and would love to help you craft everything from the perfect pitch letter to the greatest giveaway or sweetest soiree. Here are some of our favorite tips for how to succeed at blogger outreach:

Choosing the Right Bloggers

When choosing your crop of bloggers or influencers for outreach, you need to choose the right group. Consider your business, product, or event and then do your homework. Are you hosting a food and wine soiree? Look for local food writers and bloggers-about- town. Do you have a new product for kids? Research family-life bloggers.

Making sure your pitch is targeted to bloggers who write about that specific topic will ensure not only that your promotion will be seen by a receptive audience, but also will maximize the quality of the post, since the blogger will be writing about a topic they know and enjoy.

You’ll also want to check out the blogger’s social media presence, including number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; frequency and timeliness with which they post; and any other products that you see them posting that might conflict with yours.

And if you know other businesses who have conducted blogger outreach, talk to them. It’s a small community and people can tell you firsthand who will be gracious, responsive, and a good partner in your outreach.

Outlining Expectations

Once you’ve selected your bloggers, you’ll need to reach out and explain what you’re want them to do. The clearer and more direct you can be with your expectations, the better. Outline the product or event for which you expect promotion, along with any relevant details and images or logos that you’d like the blogger to include.

Then set forth a timeline for posts. If you’re having the blogger promote an event, set deadlines for pre-event and post-event posts, as well as any expectations for social media posts if the blogger will be attending the event. If the blogger is receiving tickets or products from you, also be clear about your expectations that the blogger follows the FTC guidelines for disclosing paid relationships, which protects both you and the blogger.

Creating a Great Giveaway or Fun Event

Part of the blogger outreach is the exchange. The blogger will post about your product, business, or event. In exchange, you will provide them with a product, tickets, or a special experience. If you want the blogger to review a product, providing a complimentary sample of that product, plus perhaps an additional for the blogger to give away is a great way to go.

If you’re planning an event, providing the blogger with tickets (particularly VIP if available), plus tickets to give away is great. But you can always put some more sprinkles on the sundae by adding in a swag bag. Any additional products with your logo sent to a blogger will likely end up on social media or worn around the community, which is a nice perk! No matter what the giveaway, consider the amount of time you’re asking the blogger to invest and gear the blogger’s gift to be of equivalent value.

If you’re promoting a product or business, another fun way to do blogger outreach is to host an event at your location. This is also a great opportunity to partner with other local businesses. For example, invite bloggers to your boutique, but bring in nibbles and drinks from a local business, spa services from the salon next door, or other such fun additions. You’ll drive traffic to your door not just for the event, but beyond if you woo well.

Conducting a well-done blogger outreach creates goodwill, boosts your online presence, and will benefit your business or event! Follow these tips and watch the benefits roll in!