The List of the Most Badass Bravolebrities


When thinking about a list for the top Bravolebrities you have to think how you define those stars on top. We could EASILY put together a list of the most dramatic, largest hot messes, etc., etc. (maybe we’ll do that too).

But as an aspiring businesswoman I have to look at the top, most badass, business aficionados in the world of Bravo.

The Granddaddy of Them All: Andy Cohen

Photo Credit: Bravo TV
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Okay, so I know Andy might not immediately come to mind when thinking of the Bravo superstars, but he absolutely should. Andy is the beauty AND the brains behind Bravo. Of course, he is the vivacious and entertaining host of Watch What Happens Live, but he is so much more to the network. He was head of development at Bravo for over ten years, and continues to be the executive producer for the Real Housewives franchise. He has built himself and a Bravo empire that we hope will keep us entertained for decades to come.

The Skinnygirl Mama: Bethenny Frankel

Photo Credit: Bravo TV
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Bethenny is high up on this list for many reasons. Like I said, as a businesswoman, I have mad respect for girls #killingit out there in the world. Bethenny built up, sold, but continues to run a brand from scratch. Bethenny took what started as her homemade margarita recipe, and transformed it into a brand. After selling her rapidly successful company to Beam Inc., she wasn’t going to just let go. She still has heavy involvement with the Skinnygirl brand holding a high-up position for the company. 

What we can learn from Bethenny: how to build a brand. She had an idea and ran with it. She took the right steps to success – but really worked for it!

Note: Ramona and Sonja DID try to copy Bethenny. Just because you like to drink, ladies, does not mean you should start a company centered around alcohol (and copy Bethenny’s brand name). But, can’t dock the girls for trying to be just like Bethenny!

Boss Lady Lisa Vanderpump

Photo Credit: Bravo TV
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Although Lisa Vanderpump started her acting career in her early life, we all know she became famous on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her business success came before she was on the show, but just continued to blossom as her name grew. She is an extremely successful restaurateur, along with her business partners: her husband and Giggy (her dog – which duh you know, if you’ve ever watched an episode).

There is something to be said when someone actually has a successful spinoff show. We have seen many housewives get their own TV contract and then ultimately fail. Lisa’s spinoff definitely did not fail. Vanderpump Rules is (in my opinion…) the best show on Bravo. Although Lisa isn’t necessarily the star of the show, her name and brand are. As the boss a** bitch of Sur and Pump, she expanded her restaurant collection and created the perfect dramatic atmosphere.

What we can learn from Lisa: using your spot on a reality TV is not a bad thing. At all. But it absolutely has to be done the right way. She used her position on the Real Housewives as a business booster, and got to watch it truly blossom. 

Her accent makes everything a bit better too, don’t you think?

Honorable Mention: Pretty much everyone on Million Dollar Listing

The agents of Million Dollar Listing are simply put, successful. They dominate the real estate game in every city the show has featured. They add the perfect mix of drama and business to Bravo – it’s hard to pick just one to make the list. 

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We have seen many shows come and go on Bravo, but those who have made a lasting impression have made it far beyond their TV show. Whether we watched them develop throughout seasons, or saw them come in as a powerhouse, we can all take notes from these Bravolebrities. Stay tuned for additions and spinoffs (in a true Bravo fashion) of this blog!