The Secrets to the Best COVID-Friendly Fall Trends


And just like that, summer has come and gone. Does anyone else feel like they’ve been reliving the same day over and over again for all of 2020? We’re ready for this year to be over but are even more excited about the change of season! Goodbye to warm days, and hello to crisp mornings and pumpkin spice lattes. Now that our favorite time of the year has finally arrived, it only seems right to divulge all of our fall favorites! Keep reading for some of our current autumn obsessions. 

  1. Shopping. We are seeing the height of online shopping and honestly, I couldn’t be more here for it! This morning, I just ordered these fuzzy slippers from Amazon and I’ve seen people RAVING about them. Everyone needs a pair of house slippers going into these colder months. 

As for fall fashion (you know, just in case we ever leave our homes, maybe?), I’ve been obsessing with the stereotypical “Canadian Tuxedo”. I love pairing the denim on denim look with bulky chains and high booties to make it more modern and fresh. This was me in Chicago over the past month… when my girlfriends and I got there, they officially lifted the bar restrictions to go from being open until 10pm to 1am. Talk about luck, right? Casamigos was our best friend that weekend.

Another trend I’ve been obsessing over this season are neutrals and the same color being paired together in different shades. This whole outfit I purchased from Zara and it has to be one of my favorite looks! Classic, timeless, and most importantly, CHIC.

I think it’s absolutely imperative for every woman to own a dress like this. It’s so form-flattering and just screams #BOSSLADY. I wore this to a cocktail hour where we shamelessly tried to entice our waiter to give us free drinks. I wonder what he’s up to now… Thanks for the drinks, though! I give all credit to this dress.

  1. Netflix binges. One of my favorite parts of fall is guilt-free Netflix binging (and all of the snack binging that comes along with it). My go-to binges have been Emily in Paris, The Good Place, New Girl, Selling Sunset, and my all-time favorite, The Office. What’s your go-to binge when you’re in the mood to go down the Netflix rabbit hole?

Emily in Paris is about a Chicago marketing exec moving to Paris for her job as she juggles work, friends, and romance. The Good Place is about a woman who accidentally gets sent to Heaven (aka “The Good Place”) and how she finds her way to stay. New Girl is about a group of quirky friends finding their way through life together. Selling Sunset is about a real estate brokerage in Hollywood with fabulous real estate agents and all of the drama your binging deserves. The Office is just comedic gold with a promised laugh every single episode. Seriously, EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.

  1. Music. Okay, so full disclosure, when quarantine started, I completely stopped listening to music. I have no idea why, but it happened. Maybe it’s how I coped? I don’t know, but thankfully, it did NOT last. As soon as the fall weather hit, I immediately got back into my ~feels~ and found some INCREDIBLE playlists for every mood. For me, I only have 2 moods. 1 – Nancy Meyers Kitchen and 2 – 2000s Throwback Baby. Enjoy these vibey playlists, friends.