Citrus Social is making moves in the marketing community here in Cleveland, especially recently. We are growing rapidly, so much so, that we have taken on three new AMAZING team members: a marketing associate, business consultant, and intern. With fresh and enthusiastic personalities, our new “lemons” work diligently day in and out to provide new, organic content for our clients, while providing the best customer service around. We have brains, beauty and beyond taking our content marketing strategy to the next level.

Since last hearing from us, we have taken on a couple of new clients. We welcomed C-Auto Glass, an automotive glass retailer, into the Citrus family, as we are determined to drive more traffic to their website by utilizing all of our angles on Facebook. We are happy to be part of their team and enjoy interacting with the people running their business. We gave their website a makeover, thanks to our fabulous web developer and C-Auto Glass is on their way to a very lucrative future!

We have since also taken on Govberg Jewelers in Cleveland. Govberg holds a century-long legacy, starting in Philadelphia, and sells top-of-the-line jewelry; we’re talking crème de la crème, Panerai watches all the way to Mont Blanc, can you say wrist candy #onfleek?? Needless to say, we are ecstatic at the opportunity to work with Govberg and love this new professional relationship.

For Spring-cleaning this year, Citrus took care of MAJOR website renovations for most of our clients. By cleaning up their web pages and strategically planning social media interactions, we have seen amazing results! On one of our website renos, we have seen nearly 50% of all web traffic driven through Facebook– we are elated to see such great results, but are not complacent enough to let that be the best number we hit. We will go on with aggressively marketing for our clients while continuing to grow as a company.

Here at Citrus Social, we have been working diligently to provide the freshest, most organic content out there. At Citrus, we pride our work on its originality because no two leopards have the same spots. That being said, no two brands should have the same content! We are taking on all our tasks by the art of “divide and conquer”. Thankfully, with our tenacious new crew of worker bees at our disposal, our content is better than ever! Together, we combine all of our strengths and have united all of our creative juices to be a force to be reckoned within our professional community.

Want more information on Citrus Social? Are you interested in being part of the Citrus team or using our services? Send us an email at, we are passionate about developing new professional relationships and spreading our Citrus “zest” throughout the marketing community.