Whether you are a millennial, born in the digital age, or a baby-boomer business owner, there’s always something new to learn about social media and digital marketing.

Social media is an ever-changing game that has new capabilities and features released practically daily. There is no way to keep up with everything – no matter how tech savvy you are. Even in the social media/digital media profession, I am constantly learning what social media can do for businesses. If you don’t have people that manage your social media, like part of what I do, here are some basic functions for social media to help your business.

Facebook Fanatic

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A lot of people know what Facebook can do on the surface. People of all ages have figured how to post statuses and pictures and comment on their friends content. But there is so much more that Facebook can do for you that you might not be aware of.

The managing features of a page of nearly endless. There’s not much that Facebook hasn’t thought of to help you run a company page. The best feature, is the scheduling tool. You are able to schedule posts for your page as far out as you possibly can! This allows you to dedicate time to posts, but then not have to worry about always remembering to post. It is important to remember that one-off special posts are important for your page, but those will be more whimsical posts.

Google Analytics are important for a comprehensive view of how your website is performing, but Facebook post analytics do a great job at simply showing you how your page is doing. Not only does Facebook give a high level overview of page performance, it details performance of individual posts. You can understand what content people like most, and even change your behaviors if necessary.

Tweet Tweet

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It’s no secret that almost all social media platforms have given in to selling advertising. No matter what we are doing on our mobile devices or computers has ads intertwined. Some are more obvious than others about tracking what we look at to show us relevant information, but there are tasteful ways to do this.
It may seem unreachable for small businesses to advertise on Twitter. Facebook does a good job at promoting it, but Twitter is quieter about it. It is worth it to learn what Twitter can do for you. As a small business, advertising on Twitter is attainable. With Twitter ads you can select a campaign, reach your target market, and receive (free) analytics. It is an extremely simple process to leverage this tool and is highly recommended.


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Instagram is fairly straightforward and the tip is simple. Many of you may know this already, but if you don’t – it can change your life. You can host multiple Instagram accounts on your phone. You can do this on Twitter and Facebook apps, but Instagram is the easiest to switch between. This is the perfect feature for you if you manage multiple social media accounts for various businesses.


The #1 thing you need to know about snapchat is that YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR — USERNAME. Ever. You can create multiple accounts linked to different email addresses, but once you have a username set you will not be able to change it. This is kind of a personal tip too, so you don’t go and make your name something embarrassing.

Snapchat is useful for brands. With the rapid growth of snapchat’s popularity, brands have caught on quickly how to capitalize. You can make custom geo-filters for a specific location, so people can send and receive snapchats associated with your brand. This does have a small cost to it, but it has the possibility to reach a large amount of people as a fancier word-of-mouth.

Whether you have been on Facebook for years or just created your first page, when using social media for business these are important things to know. Let social media help your business, not become a headache. A good thing to know is that you don’t have to learn it all, and you probably won’t. By the time you think you know everything, it will have changed and it will be different. Dedicate people on your team, if capable, to manage social media accounts or hire out to people that have dedicated their careers to keeping up with the trends. It can change your life, and your business. At the very least, do what you can to educate yourself and you will quickly see how much of a difference it makes.