Utilizing Bloggers to Market Your Non-Profit


As we told you, utilizing bloggers and other social media influencers is a great choice for any business, but this can be a particularly effective strategy for non-profits.

Marketing through bloggers is cost-effective and brings an authenticity that can sometimes be difficult to achieve in non-profit marketing.

Marketing through bloggers often involves an exchange of tickets to an event, “swag” from your organization, or perhaps a membership to if you are a non-profit such as a museum or zoo. These exchanges are most cost-effective than paid advertising and can be a great way for a non-profit to save money while still getting their message to the public.

Bloggers and other social media influencers also bring an authenticity to their promotion of your events and campaigns. Consumers often tune out generalized donation emails or requests directly from an organization. But a blogger, who has already established a trust relationship with their readership, is able to market your cause in an effective and authentic way. Their promotion of your event or donation campaign isn’t tuned out because they aren’t constantly asking for support like that from their readers.

A blogger who will take on promoting a non-profit will find a unique spin to personalize the cause for their readers. This new take on your cause will often lead to interest and engagement from groups your non-profit wasn’t reaching otherwise.


A typical way for a non-profit to engage a blogger or social media influencer is to invite them to a fundraising event. The blogger can promote the event beforehand, as well as recap the event after. The blogger will often receive tickets to the event for themselves, as well as tickets to give away to their readers. While this is an expense for your non-profit, the value of the promotion, as well as getting new individuals to know about your event pays for the value of the tickets.

Another way to engage bloggers with a non-profit is by inviting them to tour your facility and volunteer there. Giving the blogger a hands-on experience, such as cooking and serving a meal, sorting donations, or working on a project at your facility gives them an interesting perspective to share, a vested personal interest, and a way to share your organization’s specific needs to engage new volunteers and donors. With this approach, you not only gain promotional value, but also volunteer muscle. A total win-win!



Citrus Social has helped to coordinate blogger and non-profit interaction for organizations like the American Heart Association. We connected the AHA with lifestyle, fitness, and fashion bloggers who could help promote their events such as the Heart Ball and the AHA Heart Walk. These bloggers previewed the events, attended and posted at the events, and recapped the events to draw more attention to them and open them up to a wider audience.

Bloggers and social media influencers offer value, authenticity, and a new audience for marketing your non-profit. For more tips on how to select and engage bloggers, see this post and chat with us on what strategies are best for your organization.