Today, small businesses have to be creative if the want to be noticed by consumers. In this tech and social media driven world, small businesses need to change the way they are trying to reach their targeted market by publishing less sales pitches, and more content that can help or guide the consumer. That’s what we all want to see, right?! If you accomplish this goal, you will no longer be looked at as an “annoying” business that interrupts timelines and social media feeds with advertisements, but a source of information that people will make people flock to your pages. 

Posts, Posts, and More Posts!

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To have a successful content marketing campaign, you must be consistent with your social media posts, and you must post frequently. Even though the goal is to not shove advertisements down your consumer’s throats, you have to establish a strong social media presence so that your brand becomes a familiar sight to them. These posts should NOT be all sales pitches, or even information about your company, but helpful and interesting information that is relevant to the services that your business provides. For example, if you run a automotive repair business, you can publish posts about how to prepare for a road trip, or even a list of simple tips on how to change your oil. When consumers see that you are providing information that they can use, they will keep coming back to your site. When you write organic content, you will ultimately drive people people to your site.

Sharing is Caring


If you are frequently posting on social media, you are creating a steady flow of information that can be shared. Posting helpful information will cause consumers to share the posts with family and friends, which in turn drives more traffic to your website. Creating posts that focus on current events and new information are a key to driving traffic to your site because those types of posts are very interesting to people because they want to feel up to date with world news. Also, if you are posting about certain topics on a regular basis, your content ranking will be boosted so that more people will see your content if they search for something that is related to your posts. This means your site will be among the first to pop up on any search engine and becomes more likely to get clicked.

So Fresh and So Clean

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Today, almost everyone depends on the internet to get any type of information they need, so you want to keep your website updated and looking fresh. The look of a website can be the deciding factor for a consumer when they are considering using your business. If your website is hard to navigate, looks sloppy, or is just plain old boring, most consumers will relate that to the quality of work your business does. Also, always be sure to update information on your website so that your consumers know you are a legitimate business that cares about the content that they are releasing.