Avery here. GG was on air from 2007-2012 – I was in high school from 2007-2011 and extremely devoted to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Watching the show back then, I was enamored with the clothing, elaborate lifestyle, and the hot and heavy relationships. Today, I can still obsess over all of those things and more.

I started writing this post with the intention of linking Gossip Girl to my world of content marketing. As I started writing, my intentions derailed into writing about what these characters bring to the table. Yes, some of this is related to content marketing, and some of it is simply about life.

Queen B

Blair Waldorf is unapologetically amazing. And I don’t wish her any other way. She is flawlessly flawed, doesn’t take shit from anyone, and a complete warrior. There is no one I’d rather have in my corner than Blair and she’s the last person I would want pinned against me. Her perfectly pouty lips match her disposition impeccably.

“It’s extremely difficult to be unapologetic” – Jessa 

The best Blair Waldorf quote:

“Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

Blair kicks ass. It took her a while to take her life into her own hands, always waiting for Prince Charming (literally…) to make her complete. She realized that she could take life by the balls and get things done.

The It Girl

To be fair, this oh-so-lovely gif doesn’t quote her, but it is a mere tribute to her care-free attitude. 

Serena Van der Woodsen is a public relations NIGHTMARE. We all love her, but we all know she undoubtably is. That does not stop her from being absolutely flawless. The extreme marketability of Serena is in her personal branding ability. Her personal style and approach to life creates this role model-esque marketability.

Blondes vs. Brunettes

Serena and Blair are extremely polarizing characters. You either love them, or hate them. Gossip Girl created a sort of cultural phenomenon in which young adults everywhere (and still me to this day, tbh) were drawn to identifying with these badass bitches.

Before there was #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob there was #TeamBlair and #TeamSerena.

Rounding out 4 years of the show being off air, you still see Instagram captions like “The Blair to my Serena” and “The Blonde to my Brunette” (or vice versa depending on if the blonde or brunette in the picture posted it). Gossip Girl created a movement in which people can, and so badly want, to identify with its’ characters. The show gave us a glimpse into the 1% of the 1%, easily creating a sense of desire for that lifestyle, but it was the strong characters of Blair and Serena that has let is stand the tests of time.

Lonely Boy

Bear with me on my brief rant about Dan Humphrey. His whole woe is me attitude get really old, really fast. Yes, relatively speaking, he holds peasant status on the Upper East Side. But come on…The oh-so humble “Humphrey Loft” is far from it. Just because Blair Waldorf won’t venture to Brooklyn, doesn’t mean the loft isn’t a chic, far from humble, dare I say hipster, living arrangement. Rant over.

As a fangirl, I detest Dan. But, as a writer, I can’t help but commend him.

Lonely Boy uses his words to penetrate this seemingly unattainable Upper East Side life. Whether Dan is writing plays, novels, or tips to GG, he paints the perfect David & Goliath scene. As the “poor” boy (give me a break) from Brooklyn, he squares up against the big bad East Side.

Gossip Girl is an anonymous blog created by Dan Humphrey. All contributions to the blog, tips as they call them, come from students, wannabes, members of the squad, you name it. It actually is similar to what we built for Cleveland Plus (see, there is a tie between GG and content marketing!) Our Cleveland Plus Guest Blog program has 100% contribution from NEO residents. But, our blog is used for good (mainly talent attraction), not evil.

I kind of hate myself for focusing this much on Dan…but hey, who doesn’t love a good underdog story.

Favorite (most ironic quote):

“You are so focused on how everyone else perceives you, that you no longer know who you are.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME DAN HUMPHREY?! He has the audacity to say this to Blair, when he created a blog just because he was scared to talk to the pretty girl at the train station. He spent the entire show trying to fit into a world that didn’t want him. Cut the holier than thou attitude Dan.

“The Good Looking Mannequin”

And by good looking mannequin, I mean Nate Archibald. When you really dive deep into the world of GG, Nate doesn’t bring much to the table. He adds a little dramatic flair into some relationships by crushing on and kissing some people he shouldn’t (ahem, Jenny Humphrey), but aside from that he’s just kind of there.

But Nate isn’t completely worthless. He had to man up as the head of the family when his dad ditched.

Chuck Bass

You have to love Chuck Bass. He’s sexy, mysterious, cocky, a total womanizer – the ultimate heart breaker equation. That in itself makes Chuck an extremely marketable person.

Although Chuck relies heavily on the “Do you know who my father is?” line early on in the show, he quickly learns that he will make his mark breaking away from his father’s shadow. Chuck has his ups and downs in the business realm, no doubt about that, but Chuck built his own empire.

Favorite quote:

“You don’t give up on the people you love.”

Excuse me while my heart melts…is he not the most perfect

Little J

The wannabe of the Upper East Side, Jenny Humphrey, made it her life’s mission (in high school, anyways) to make it in the world of high school hierarchy. “People change” really says it all about Little J. She went from a sweet and innocent girl just wanting to fit in, to a power hungry, black makeup and fringe hair loving rebel.

Honestly, it was a a relief when Jenny shifted her mission to becoming a fashion designer (even though she dropped out of school). So let’s talk about one of the best (well, really the only good) thing Little J did on the show: her popup fashion show.

Jenny Humphrey, the nobody from Brooklyn, made the ultimate fashion statement with her “guerilla” fashion show. 

It makes me think about event marketing. Why do we even market for events?! Why don’t we identify who we want to target, figure out what event they’re going to be at, and crash that party instead! Maybe you’re onto something Little J…


May Gossip Girl live on forever. From the fashion to the way too intertwined love stories, Gossip Girl sparked an everlasting fandom. It translates to real life (even for those not in the 1% of the 1%) for those that have gone through some shit. It created a character culture that everyone wanted to be apart of, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.