We are a community engagement agency that specializes in social media, content marketing, event marketing, website maintenance and blogging.

Social Media

Build an online following and create brand awareness.

Content Marketing

Content creation and SEO for increased organic traffic.

Event Marketing

Engage target audience to promote upcoming events.

Website Maintenance

Website design, development and blog management.


Our team brings youthful energy to any campaign, we're curious to always learn more, and none of us are satisfied with the status quo. Always thinking outside the box, we track the changing digital trends while maintaining high-quality standards in our work.

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Mar 1
Mar 1

Organic Values Keep Citrus Grounded

  Back when I didn’t work for myself, I worked with plenty of incredible people who taught me so much. I have learned the importance of investing in comprehensive company values as a business owner because it undoubtedly helps employees, vendors and even clients realize where a business owner’s heart and brain meet. Values represent […]

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Mar 1
Mar 1

Don’t Get Lost in a Launch

How to Create a Consumer Centric Website  Launching a website is no small task. From coding and design to actually filling the pages with content, it can be easy to get lost in translation. Yes, it might be a little scary, BUT it is of the utmost importance to have a kick ass website. People […]

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Mar 1
Mar 1

Tiny Tweaks That Will Give your Blog a HUGE Boost

  It is so important for businesses and non-profits of all types and sizes to begin blogging. Blogging strengthens your website from an SEO, content marketing, and customer service perspective. However, with so much content hitting the web every second of every day, it’s not just important to write blogs – but also to write […]

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Feb 0
Feb 0

Super Bowl Ad Showdown – When Marketers Talk

Yesterday, Citrus Social went downtown to convene with fellow marketers to talk about the only important thing about the Super Bowl…the commercials. The American Marketing Association Northeast Ohio Chapter held a commercial showdown at the swanky new Schofield Hotel in Downtown Cleveland. The event featured a 16-commercial bracket and three panelists to lead the discussion. […]

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